New Domain TLDs rejected because of length

New TLDs like .international are rejected in emails. So you can not make a new user with email because the sytem assumes an invalid email adrress.

This is just deprecated to check the length of the TLD like this. You should set it to 63 chars as a standard.

Hope this is not too much work… :slight_smile:

Not just new tlds, .museum has been around since 2001!

I’ve added this to the list of GitHub issues here:


I assume everyone has to fix the bug by himself?

It is not that I could not do this, but I hate to screw around at the system when the next ugrade will just reset it to BROKEN.

Why is it so difficult to just incorporate those user fixes (where everthing is known and tested already) as soon as those are reported, and the publish them with the next release. This is 10 month old already and you have released more than two times without incorporating it.
So it means, you have heavily worked on improving your system without improving this?

I know: capacity. I would agree, if it would be really in depth bug search. But in this case it is just typing a few characters, come on.
As a developer you will rely heavily on those users to test things, so when one founds something AND a solution you should motivate him or her by implementing it quickly (not necessarily make a release yet). But a 10 month old solution with passing a couple of releases just means ignorance!!!

That is not a good impression to the community neither a motivation to contribute. Just have to tell you this. It is kind of Marketing issue too you may think of it in this way. No offence.