New Category: Show and Tell 🎉

Hey everyone! :partying_face:

Just announcing that we have created a new category dedicated to promoting SuiteCRM content, solutions, add-ons* and other activities that our community members want to share, get feedback or just relish in praise :relaxed: This stemmed from a number of suggestions including this thread so thanks @AlxGr and the moderating team

Full description of this category can be found here:

I feel that we can use this in a combination of tags so we can narrow down the content type themselves within that category e.g. videos, blog posts, foss etc.

Any ideas of improvements or clarification on this category you can raise them here and we’ll answer the best we can!

*Note that commercial only add-ons or client case studies are not permitted. See the category’s full description of any other limitations.

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@samus-aran Thanks for creating this category. It will help the community to find specific solutions without the need of searching between thousands of posts.

Now, there are several posts the community has created as direct solutions in the past. Is there any way the category can be changed/updated in the post?

Here are some samples:





Here are other two post:


Thanks @AlxGr I’ll have a wee look at this and see how best to shape them for the category or for something more :relaxed:

From me:

These are great content! I’ll send you a PMs about them.

I feel some are perfect for guest blog posts or as “pro tips”. We are creating a new category named “tips & tricks” so we can identify those as part of them. I’ll update accordingly.

Also to answer your question @AlxGr

Yes you can edit the first post in the thread and change its category. Remember the new category is one of the root categories.

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Thanks. Will update accordingly.