New case workflow notification time shows wrong time

This problem was never fixed. When do you guys think it will be addressed? I mean it’s a well known CRM and for such a bug to still exist isn’t very good.

Following up on this bug that was resoled in one of the recent versions which is awesome, thanks!

However, it was not resolved completely.

It is now showing the correct date and time not in UTC but in am/pm format, which is great. But it only works that way on a new record creation.
Which means when it is an existing record that is being updated, the time is still being sent in UTC.

For example:

When I create a new call or task, and assign it to a user, my workflow (on save only for all records) sends an email notification to that user with correct time (used to be UTC time but you guys fixed it)

BUT, when I just update a Assigned to user field, which assigns it to another user, the same exact workflow sends it to another user, but this time the time format is in UTC.

Can we please report this to the same github thread? I just can’t seem to find it in the github library.

Oops, sorry to hear that!

Is it this one?

Maybe you’re searching the list only for open issues, and this one is already closed.

But I agree you should post there and ask to reopen.

Any solution for this? I have this problem for 7.10.22 also.