New Case Not Being Created From Email


I have been following the guide here: and I am not having a case created or a return Email with a Joomla login - I thought this was the standard behaviour with Advanced Open Portal set up and creating users successfully within Suite CRM from the contacts dialogue - i’ve been led to believe that by the above guide.

I have checked the error.logs both on my web server and from within Suite CRM and there’s nothing to report.

Quite simply, I am looking to receive an Email (group inbox set up and Email is being received within Suite CRM), have a portal account automatically set up and the password pinged back to the user, preferably as part of a wider Email template. Then for the Email to be included within the users portal and in Suite CRM attached to the contact.

Is there any scheduling required? the Cron is set up as per the install instructions. I’m using Suite CRM 7.11.7. Curl is working fine now (although previously I had an issue with that at the time of the install due to a mis-configuration on my server). Also, I have noticed in Group Email that there are two automatic reply drop downs - a) Which ones do I need b) what order for what i’m trying to achieve please and c) is there anything else I need to do further to the guide linked above? No errors relate within error.log.



I have the same problem. Have you found a solution?

It started by working when I installed, but then it stopped, and I can’t understand why. I already upgraded it to the latest version and still nothing.

It fetches the email, from both accounts I created (365 and Gmail) but it just doesn’t create the emails.

I tried to change the scheduled task from the AOS task to just CheckInboundEmail and nothing seems to do the trick.

Any suggestions?

Thank you