New build of 8.2 doesn't allow login from anyone but admin

I have a fresh install of the 8.2 version and I copied the db from the 8.1.3 version. However the login only works for the admin and not for any user. I have created new users and reset password and it still doesn’t work with the error message invalid credentials.

If I revert back to the 8.1.3 version the login works but for some reason when looking at leads I can’t add to a target list from the leads screen yet on 8.2 I can (just only as the admin user)

Hi @amortensen

Could you check the logs for any errors and post these also, please?
If you are unsure which logs, there is a description of each on the upgrade documentation here



I have the same issue, as many people here.
We cannot create new users…
I even copied the user directly from the phpMyAdmin, keeping the same password, but I cannot login using new user.

I have the same problem no matter if I use 8.1, 8.2 or 8.4

There’s really not much to go forward if people don’t provide more information. This post has some generic guidelines that might help. Thanks