new account mail not send, all other mails work perfect

Hey Guys,

Sorry if my English is bad, but I’ve got a prolem wich i don’t understand.
Today I added a new user to suitecrm but she didn’t got an e-mail with password.

When I hit the resetpassword action at that account she does get an email with temporary password.

All other mails can be send and e-mail settings are also okay.

Offcourse I tried it with a few other email addresses but no luck…
Anyone have an idea where to look?

Using suitecrm: 7.11.3
on Ubuntu 18.04
php 7.2



There is a bug with saving user preferences in that version. I never this specific manifestation of that bug, but it is likely related.

But I am not sure if it was fixed in 7.11.4 or only in (yet to be released) 7.11.5…