Negative duration shown in "My Activity Stream"


This is my first post in the forum. I am just getting started with SuiteCRM. Following is my setup:

  • SuiteCRM version: 7.11.13
  • Web hosting: SiteGround Shared Hosting
  • OS: CentOS
  • Web Server: Apache
  • PHP version: 7.3.16
  • DB: MySQL 5.7.25-28-log

After a clean installation, I change to DD/MM/YYYY at:

  • System Locale
  • Admin User Profile

During first 2 day or so, the duration seems working. I started noticing negative duration from Day 4 onwards. Here is an example: “-14 Hours -43 Minutes ago”

If I change the Admin User Profile to MM/DD/YYYY, it seems to display the correct duration. The same entry example is now showing “2 days ago”.

May I know if this is a known issue? I have seen some post with regards to this, not sure if it has been resolved.

Is there a way for the locale at DD/MM/YYYY while showing the duration correctly?

Looking forward to any responses.

Thank you.