Need to add Multiple "Relate Value" for single Module

Hello Folks,

I have a requirement as I need to add multiple related value for single module in a single page. Requirement is like this:
For Account Page: I need to add multiple related Contact Names which will be associated with that Account.

Account : A
Contacts1 : A1
Contacts2 : A2
Contacts2 : A3
Contacts2 : A4

Also system should show the exact same no. of fields which are associated with that particular account.
E.g Account A has 3 contacts and B has only 1 Contacts, so when we open Account A page, it’ll show 3 Contacts column and for B, only 1 Contacts field should appear.

How can we achieve this?

Many thanks!

Isn’t this just the standard Accounts/Contacts relationship?

In Accounts Detail view, you have a Contacts subpanel, with as many Contacts as needed.

See here for a few screenshots:

Thank you @pgr, it has given me some glimpse.
But no, it’s not for just Account-Contacts relationship, I might need it in couple of Custom modules as well.

If I create a Subpanel, then how can I achieve this : Multiple Contacts against Single account (For example)

Many thanks!

Read the Documentation about Studio, there you can create new one-to-many relationships for any module, custom or not.

I advise to try and use existing modules, adapt them, instead of creating new custom modules, unless you really have to.