Need some explanation on how works import inbound emails

On SuiteCRM, the emails are correctly auto import : this works well.
Now, i have something i dont understand clearly.

I can see the email are imported correctly : in the email list, i have the " green check box" shown on almost all emails. In the account / contact, i can see the list of the emails in the history.
This is great.

But, when i open an email in the email list, i cannot see the “reverse”, i mean, the contact or account name : to see this, i have to manually “import” the email and then, i can see and click in the email the contact or account.
Meanwhile, i’m sure the email have been imported with a simple trick : when an email is not imported correctly, i cannot see any attachments below the email, and when an email is correctly imported to an account, i cannot see them.

My question is : what to do to have with this “auto import” the account or contact name directly in the email details ? This should be the logical way no ?
Or maybe i did not understand something ?

Thanks for your lights :slight_smile:


Nobody can helps on this ?

I try again… Is someone have a explanation for this ?
I could also ask : is there a way to manage email with a external email tool and keep the CRM up to date with email to get something more efficient ?

Thanks to anybody who could answer…