Need help with "search filters" along my CRM solution

I am having some problems with search filters, the filters you create yourself for targets,leads,etc…
My records have “business type” custom field which i use with those search filters. My problem at the moment is that i need to create those lists manually for each module and each user. I want these filters to always be present if its possible.

any help will be appreciated,

You can save the filter and set the name for each one.
If you open “Advance Search” area, you can set the filter fields values and then set the name for this filter and save it.

Please note one point
The filter saved by one user will not be available to any other user. So each user have to create his own filters.


Not what i asked for but thank you anyway. I want to make filters which will be available to other users.

That needs to be done in code, you’ll find some tips here.

There’s also an add-on in the Store to change preferences for all users, I don’t remember the name but it should be easy to search for.

Thank you very much pgr