Need help with queue that won't send and understanding email campaign stats

Hi, first of all, I sent our first campaign yesterday. Most of the emails went out fine, but 24 are stuck in queue, and still won’t send when I try to manually send from the admin area. It’s not my send limit, I get 800 per hour. I have the SFP or whatever enabled in my server/host, so it’s not that either.

That is my biggest question, what else could keep just these 24 from not sending at all?

My other question is understanding the numbers in the stats.

I intended to send the email to 169 recipients. It only attempted to send to 163. Why would it leave out 6?

Also, are the emails in queue counted in that 163? Because it wouldn’t make sense that I had 163 attempts plus 24 that are in queue. So I assume it means - it attempted to send to 163, BUT 24 went into queue.

Am I understanding this correctly? First question is most important though. Thanks for any help.

Other possibilities:

  • you have a domain configured as a suppression domain (unlikely, because you would know about it)

  • the emails are repeated, were already sent in one of the other recipients

  • the emails are repeated, this is the only recipient with the email, BUT you have ran this same Campaign previously so it’s marked as suppressed too. Use a different “marketing record” in the Campaign wizard in this case (or duplicate the Campaign and use the new one).