Need help with PDF Templates

Hi everybody,
I am having some issues which i wasn’t been able to fix.
While creating quotes or contracts some manually entered values are not shown. like ‘%’ , and numbers. I am using Hebrew language to create quotes & contracts.
so when i write ‘25%’ i only get ‘25’ in the actual template.


Can you please try HTML entities, like for %


Try any one from these 3.

It failed for me. I get weird results. Also whenever i select lets say 50% discount it will show on the quote as 5% discount

Still needs help with this. I am using my own drop downs and i would like to try and solve this issue. So i need to have a list with these values for example:
10% Deposit|20% Deposit|30% Deposit|

At the moment i don’t see anything there when i “Print as PDF”. It may work in Eng, but i wanted to use Hebrew and it doesn’t work. Whenever i use % together with Hebrew letters i get an empty string. It happens with other characters not just “%” sign.

At the moment i use phrases like this:“25 percent discount” just in Hebrew ofcourse.