Need help installing on Brinkster

I copied my SuiteCRM files to a folder on my Brinkster account, went to the Control Panel and set permissions, and started the installation script. Running the Checking Environment, I see the “Systen Pssed” and “Preparing to Install” messages.

Then I get an HTTP 500 page telling me:

“The page isn’t working
is currently unable to handle this request.

I don’t currently have access to the logs, but will be asking Brinkster support for help in that area. This is a paid account, not a free account, by the way.

PHP: 5.3.29
SuiteCRM: 7.6.5
MySQL: 5.*
Server: Appears to be Windows Server of some flavor

Has anyone else managed to get SuiteCRM up and running on Brinkster?

Mark Edwards

SuiteCRM 7.6.5 does not support PHP 5.3, you’ll need at leas 5.5 as of link above

best regards

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Thanks. Looks like I need SuiteCRM 7.4.x

Mark Edwards