Need help downloading in Ubuntu


I am new to ubuntu and to SuiteCRM. I am trying to use the wget command to download the zip file to my ubuntu server but it’s not getting the right file…

The command I am using is wget -O

It DOES download a file, but not the right file.

Yeah I’m really new to all this and this isn’t working. I would love some help here.


I think this is related to the Javascript that runs on the page. Wget wont run this so the page itself is downloaded. As an alternative you can download from Github. I.e. for v7.1.5:


Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much for this. Downloaded without an issue. Was this hard for you to find, because as a new person to ubuntu, trying out CRM, I could not find any other download alternatives. Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough?

It’s admittedly not immediately obvious. I think we’re looking into updating the download link to work with wget.