Need a workflow to send emails to certain contacts on an specific month of the year

Hello all!, I have been reading everywhere without much luck on what I need to do;
I need to send an email to certain contacts that would have a check mark field checked and send them a mail in October, then on November and one last on December of each year.
I suppose I need to create a workflow to check the condition for these contacts, but then I suppose I need to create a “scheduler” to run on Oct,Nov and December to trigger the action, but I don’t know how to create that scheduler to my run my specific workflow and not all the AOW workflows.
If there is any other method of achieving this?, I would greatly appreciate any suggestion.
thanks everyone!

you could add a date field for the first mail and add it to the condition (if today = datefield). Within the actions, you send the mail and increase the date-field by 1 month.
Additionally, you could add a hidden field as a counter to prevent the process from running a fourth time.

thank you Diligent, although i don’t seem to find a condition/formula to evaluate and send even the first mail on October of each year to the customers that has a check marked field.
how would you do that?

that’s what I meant by “adding a date field”. The datefield should contain the date of the first mailing, and the conditions allow you to compare a saved date with the due date.

I might have not explained my self clearly…
I don’t know how to create the condition to send the first email to all customers with the condition on october, nov and december…
the case is that I will have a subset of customer with a check mark, and when october reaches, I will need to send them all the email.
I don’t seem to find a way to do that…

assumption: you already have your checkbox for selecting the accounts or contacts.

to do: add a date field, label “due date mailing” or something more meaningful. set it to first of october for all relevant clients.

run: only on scheduler
workflow module: accounts or contacts

field “due date mailing” equals value “10/01/2019”
field “send mailing” equals value “checked box”

calculate field “due date mailing”:
{date(m/d/Y; {addMonths(Ymd; {P0}; 1)})}
(assuming P0 is the variable for “due date mailing” and you may have to adjust the m/d/Y part with your systems date format)

send email:
to “record email”, email template: some template.

done :slight_smile:

the workflow will send the mail and increase the “due date” field by one month. all you have to do is disable the workflow after your last mailing.

awesome!!, although I still don’t see how the proposed solution evaluates that it is indeed october 1st…
How does the system know that we are on october 1st or not?

you are right, my mistake.
The condition should validate if “due date” equals date: now.

thank you for all your suggestions; Although I still cannot make this work;
I would be willing to pay for creating this workflow action.
Please let me know how I might contact you to explain by phone what exactly I need if you are interested.
Many thanks again for your help.

feel free to describe your desired workflow more specific. I’ll try to look into it when I have some spare time.