Need a module that loads a form with all the active Accounts as checkboxes

Thanks for looking.

Here is my conundrum.

I have created a new contact module that I am calling VISITORS.
I capture Name, Email, Phone and 3 other custom fields on this form.

Each of these VISITORS will request information about the ACCOUNTS in our system and the products they are offering. We give them a physical checklist, they tick the ones they are interested in and we give them (pdf brochures).

I want that checklist to be a form in the VISITORS module or a FORM we can associate in a one to one relationship with the VISITOR.
Until we offer the form online, our admin will quickly tick which ACCOUNTS they requested brochures from.

Every Monday, I want a report run for each ACCOUNT that goes to the CONTACT in the ACCOUNT that provides the VISITOR details of all those who requested information from…

Anyone have ideas here?

I’m not sure Accounts is the best module for that, have you tried looking at “Products” module? Looks much closer to what you will be using it for… and it gives other associated benefits (Quotes, Invoices, Product Categories).

Anyway, that form with checkboxes is not something SuiteCRM can give you, out of the box. You would need to write code for it.