Myddleware Integration

Hi all.

I updated my SuiteCRM instance to 8.2.1, and now, i couldn’t connect myddleware app to my SuiteCRM instance.
When i tried with other version of Suite, I could connect.

Have any suggestion to resolve that?

Which SuiteCRM version did you upgrade from?

Did you make any other stack changes in the process? For example, PHP versions, MySQL versions? Check the Compatibility Matrix :: SuiteCRM Documentation

And perhaps your Middleware integration is just not v8-compatible. Can you check with whoever developed it?

Hi @pelucapampa ,
Just for information, I confirme that Myddleware is v8-compatible.
Hope you will find a way to connect Myddleware and your SuiteCRM instance.

Hi @myddleware , welcome and thanks for your answer.

Please tell me, technically speaking, what does Myddleware use to integrate with SuiteCRM? Is it API v4.1, API v8, or GraphQL API? Or some other way?

Thanks for all.
I tried to put this route after url /public/legacy and fine.

Hi @pgr , we still use API v4.1 even if we plan to use the new one.

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Great new @pelucapampa , thanks for your feedback.

Are you considering to Update the connector and use Latest API any time soon? Any roadmap for it?

Yes we are considering to update the API however it isn’t planned yet.