My favorite not available as a search filter in costume module


Thank you for this great forum, this place is very helpful for beginners like me,

I created a new module based on the person criteria (similar to contacts)

I can mark a record as a favorite, but there is no way to add it to any layout, weather it is basic search, advanced or listview layout.

I can see the star symbol next to the name but it does not exist as a field or label.

also when I checked the contacts module to compare with, the “my favorite” is not a field or label. and the only place it appear in is the search layout.

and do not exist in available or hidden listview layout.

Please if you can help me with

  1. how to add the “my favorite” star field to search filter in the basic or advanced search layout in a custom module.
  2. how to add the “my favorite” in the listview layout of original modules

as you can see in this screenshot from youtrube, not only this group of user added the my favorite filter in a cosume module, they also added it beautifully to the list view

thanks for your help

Anyone can help? :frowning: