My calendar

I hope somebody can help

My calendar are gone, it will not show up anymore.
Nothing happen when I pusk the button settings

I have run all the repair.
Allt he file have right owner ang group

Does any have an advice?

Can anybody telle me to take a mysql database dump og special backup and then make a new install and restore the database backup?

Best regards
Tage Danielsen


Can you check the suitecrm.log at the root of your SuiteCRM installation and also check out the apache error log. it should show you the exact reason of the issue.

I will bee real happy ig you can help me!!!

I enclose the two apache files
No suistecrm log for this session


Here is the latest upgrade log


It seems the issue of strict rule for the variable type for PHP 7.

Good morning from Denmark.

I was not glad that my calendar was unuseable in Suitecrm, that is a big part of the hole system.

But I am so happy that the team here could help me, and there was a real bug in the program, so the team deserve my best recommandation!!!

Thanks to

I will always remember you and how prof. you find that solution.

Best regards
Tage Danielsen