Multiple users assigned to an opportunity


I saw only 1 topic discussing this with a recommended plug-in, but I’m wondering if I can do this myself.

Idea is to modify the opportunity module so the relationship with users is one-to-many (opportunities being the “left hand side” module and users being the “right hand side” module). Is it as simple as that or I’m missing something?

Thank you

Standard logic is “one assigned user” - you are right Security Suite Pro allows this included

You have the option to add a custom relationship between Users <> Opportunities

Go to Studio

Users > Relationships > Add Relationships > One to Many with Opportunites

After you have done that go to Repair - Repair Relationships & Quick repair and rebuild

In the Opps record you will still have the “Assigned to” - You could potentially change this to “main user” or something

You will also now see a “User” subpanel in the opportunities record

One downside of this would be the Opportunity list view will only show the “main assigned user” you would not be able to see the “many users” assigned to the record from list view

You could create a Report in AOR to display this :slight_smile:

Hope this helps