Multiple pipeline for selling

Hello to everyone.
We sell both product and services. Therefore I would like to have the Opportunities splitted in several pipeline:

and so on.

Product, services and research contract are going to be managed by different people, even if now the same person is managing all three, but it is a temporary situation.

There is the possibility to build a new module, based on “opportunities”, but relationship are broken, therefore I need to recreate everything, and I am scared about the fact that in the future some change in the CRM could break also my new module.

Any suggestions?


You can create an Opportunity Type dropdown with 3 values, Product, Services, Research Contact and then set Opportunity type for each user. i.e. User A can create only Product so you can add a listview condition to filter records and a hook to set Opp Type for user when saving and also add module ACL to not allow to access other records.

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I did it, thank you.
I am just beginning to use SuiteCRM, therefore I don’t know if my questions are correct or not. The point is: when I have the opportunity type, can I manage the dropdown for the stages differently?
I mean for example.
for product: contact -> request for information -> quotation -> closed won || closed lost
for contract research -> seminar -> first contact -> project explained -> quotation -> first part -> closed won || closed lost

And then, is it possible to show only opportunities of a certain type and make some analysis on that?

Thank you

Yes, you can create a custom dynamic dropdown field. So you would set it up like this:

Type a: stage 1a, 2a 3a, etc.

Type B: stage 1b, 2b 3b , etc

Type C: stage 1c 2c 3c, etc.

If in the type field the user chooses type A, they only see the A options in the second “stage” field. If they Choose B, they only see B options, etc.

It’s quite usual business practice he for different kind of products or services we need separate sales processes, with specific stages. We have designed SalesPipe module for Opportunity tracking over different sales processes, monitoring how long they are staying in particular sales stages, managing Next action for every single opportunity and identifying problematic deals which need interaction of sales manager or more experienced colleague over all different sales processes that Your company has.

Found more detail information about SalesPipe module You could there