Multiple capaigns associated with an account

Hi - we’re stil new to SuiteCRM, but really like what we see.

I have a question - how can I associate more than one Campaign with an account?

Bjørn Tore

There should be a campaigns sub-panel on Accounts, where you should be able to associate multiple campaigns.



Hi Will and thank you for the quick response.

There is one under “All”, but not under “Marketing”

There is nothing to choose from, nor any button to create. It says “No data”.
I have 3 campaigns in the Capaign module.

Bjørn Tore

Looks like the sub-panel doesn’t have the create/select options.

You would need to copy the code from another module and add them to the subpaneldefs within the Campaigns module.

Could this be the campaign log sub panel rather than a campaign sub panel ?