MOving SuiteCRM to different domain, same server

My server crashed, so I needed to quick set up a new CRM. I put it under a different domain.

Now, I need to move it back to the original one.

I presume that I can leave the DB where it is, I just need to move the directory.

What do I need to do so that the suitecrm will work n the new location?

I think that there is a place where I need to change the domain name.

Thanks for any tips.


As long as the DB settings on the config.php is set up to link to the right server and is not a relative location yeah all you need to move is the directory and update the site_url to the original domain in config.php and rebuild your htaccess as well.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the reply, so quickly.

But, how does one rebuild a .htaccess file?



It’s one of the options in Admin / Repair