Moving SuiteCRM to another server causes install to appear

Hi There,

We installed suite CRM onto a stage environment and made sure to make all changes via our git repo. We have a full working copy on stage and began setting up a production server. After moving all the files from our repo onto the new server, we had a db error, which was expected. Once we moved the DB over we no longer get the DB connection error, however we are always pushed into the installer.

I looked through a few places, but cannot see what causes the installer to run. Is there a flag somewhere that I can manually set so that it instead goes to the index.php page and then login page?


Hi there,

Is there a config.php on your git repo and when you are pulling down? If there is no config, SuiteCRM will attempt a fresh install.



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Thanks Will, this was it. Copied that file over and all is restored.