Moving from local IP to public IP

For a specific module the CRM need to be accessible from the internet.
So I have changed the config.php and change the site;url to the public name. Also i have added a line in the config_override.php adding the $sugar_config[‘http_referer’][‘list’][‘0’] = www.xxxx"

Now I have a strange behaviour, when I login through the public url my calendar is empty, but when I login with the local IP my calendar is good.

Anyone some idea ?

Could it be a cacheing issue?

I have the habit to always clear my browser cache after doing modifications to suite, but I’m going to clear it again an test.

It could also be sugars own cache, have you tried doing a quick repair and rebuild?

Ok, always forget that, going to do it, and keep you informed.

Thanks Andy.

It seams that the rebuild fixed the problem