moved to a new server changed URLs NOW Campaign URL Trackers are not workring

Hello - I moved suitecrm to its own server so I went from to, the campaign URL trackers are not working. Is there a setting or configuration that needs to be done to change this? I am not wawre of any but any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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If you move your instance to another URL, there are a couple locations that you might want to take a look at, and update if necessary.

in your config.php file, there is the “site_url” value.
This will likely be pointing towards your old URL, you will want to update this to point to your new URL.

If you have used Cron to run the scheduled task, you might want to update your cron file so the line used by the CRM is now pointing towards the new URL

And finally, the CRM will likely have a .htaccess file, (Which is a hidden file).
If the CRM has this file, you may want to update the “Rewritebase” value to point towards the new URL.

If you update these, then there should be minimal issues going forward


John - Thank you! It turned out to be my config.php as URLs being generated had rather than Problem was solved.




Good to hear.
Thanks for the update!