Modules not available after Migration

Hello Guys,

So I built this CRM on a shared hosting before migrating it on AWS today.
My migration was quite simple. I imported the whole directory from the old server to the new server, created MySQL database with the same credentials and then imported the tables from the older server.

I can login and at first it appears to be all good, but then I realized none of my modules seem to be loading. No Matter what module I open, I get this below error -

File does not exist on system: cache/themes/SuiteP/modules/Tasks/SearchFormHeader.tplFile does not exist on system: cache/themes/SuiteP/modules/Tasks/SearchFormFooter.tpl

I tried everything I could, from everything I could find online. I just can’t get around it. Please assist, any help is appreciated.

did you update permissions and ownerships after copying the suite-files? Did you additionally verify that the file is actually on the new file system?

I found the solution. Thanks man… it was a permission issue… :slight_smile: