Modules do not upload

I am running 7.3 on SME Server using an ibay.

I have tried to upload modules and whilst it looks like the system is attempting to process it, the module does not upload and therefore cannot be installed.

Another curious issue is with the upgrade wizard. On attempting to upgrade to 7.3.1 it returns the message ‘missing temporary folder’.

I don’t know if this is connected but recently I uploaded a plugin from sugar outfitters which turned out not to be compatible with the CE version of sugar. The plugin completed the upload procedure but the the uninstall buttons were missing and the plugin of course did not work.

I suspect a permissions issue but the issue with the plugin and the upgrade wizard are causing me to question it.

Can anyone help me with this issue please?

Thank you.

I’d recommend removing the non-compatible plug-in. It sounds like the temp/tmp folder is also missing for SuiteCRM.