Module Target List is missing in Studio

The module Target List seems to be missing in Studio

Hi Cade,

You need to add a studio.php within the modules metadata. To do this, create a file studio.php inside custom/modules/ProspectLists/metadata



Hello Will, I have done what you instructed, but I think I might be missing something here…

This is how the studio.php file looks like right now:


if(!defined(‘sugarEntry’) || !sugarEntry) die(‘Not A Valid Entry Point’);
$GLOBALS[‘studioDefs’][‘ProspectLists’] = array(

The path where the file is located at is custom/modules/ProspectLists/metadata/studio.php

Could you please provide further assistance on this matter?

After doing this, the TargetList is still not showing in the Studio

Hello there…

I just found this article which describes the process.

Two things I was doing wrong:

  • Filling up the file with content
  • The correct path for the file to be located at is without the “custom” folder.

Thank you!