Module - Re-deploy or Re-publish Importing turned on

Hi, I’m completely new to SuiteCRM we had someone setup the crm and now I’m unable to reach them. My question is about a module I need to be able to import to. I noticed that it was not available in the drop down wizard importing tool. So did some research and found out that the importing box was never checked with the module builder. I have now check this box and was wondering the best way to get it working. I don’t know much and so I don’t want to do something that will lose my current data for that module and it’s relating accounts. I read that I need to either deploy or publish what is the best course for my situation and any following instructions. Thanks!


If you click “Deploy” in the Module Builder, It should just update the Custom Module in the CRM with the new features. (In this case, Allowing Imports)
You will lose any customizations you have done to the Fields/Layouts on the Custom Module in the CRM, but the records should not be affected.
It would be in your best interest to re-create these customizations after deploying, so the DB and SuiteCRM match.
Then run a Quick Repair & Rebuild and Execute any changes that appear.

However, if you are worried about losing records, you could perform a backup of both your database and your instance beforehand