Module Question


I am new to Suite CRM can you tell me I have many accounts or contacts that I need to call, if they are already in the system as accounts or contacts— do i still need to import them?

so i have 5000 accounts in the system but i only need to call 250

do i import them as a list?

is this how it is done under each module?

same thing with the leads— we have many “leads” that we want to call — some of these "leads " are already an account or contact in our system

do we import them as a lead?

also to this end=-- if we have a number of “accounts” that we need to make a calling campaign out of, --do we import them under campaign and then turn around and import them under the call module–

No, importing is just to get the information into the system from external systems, not to handle campaigns or lists.

There are several ways you can manage what you want to do with these contacts/accounts. One concept you can explore are Target Lists, these are good to group several concepts (Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Targets, Users) so you can manage them together.

If you really want to create a call for each one, you should do it by relating a new call record to each contact record. If you need this done automatically, you should write some PHP code for it.