Module Loader has no module to uninstall

I am new to working with SuiteCRM. I wanted to uninstall or disable some of the modules of SuiteCRM. However, when I opened the module loader, there was no module list. Hence, I could not delete any module.
Therefore, it is to request you to provide guidelines on how to disable or uninstall a module if the ML does not show any M List or modules

Hi, welcome to the Community! :tada:

The Module Loader is really only a “loader”, not a module manager.

It is not possible to remove the core modules from SuiteCRM completely.

But you probably can achieve what you want from Admin / Display Modules and Subpanels and Admin / Configure Module Menu Filters - these option will help you hide the modules from your users.

Thank you from your helpful information.
I am working on SuiteCRM for an organisation. They ordered make to remove some.
If I don’t want the removed modules in the SuiteCRM when I will be deploying it, what should I do: should I hide them or should I remove them

Your only option is to hide them. If you start removing files the application will break, unless you know a lot about SuiteCRM internals and you are willing to spend a lot of time changing code. It’s really not worth the hassle, just hide them.

If that works, I will definitely go for the easy option by hiding them. However, I would like to know: if I hide them, will that be hidden also when it’s deployed?

That depends on what you mean by “deployed”…

You need to explain what your set up looks like, do you have a test server, and a production server? Are they VMs, containers, or …? Do you use git or some other source code management? etc

Thanks to your important responses.
What I mean by deployed, is to live the crm like on Godaddy or Hostinger as a result of which my organisation’s employees will be able to use it by putting it,a link on the Google.
I haven’t yet coded a single line on this CRM. However, I am quite comfortable with using git. So if I am supposed to use git, I would go for it instead of other options.

I’ll second this statement - Hiding is by far the best and most efficient way of getting the end result you want.

Don’t forget there’s extensive documentation on setting up Roles and Security groups for permissions based within those modules.

Installation on a shared host is possible and relatively easy to do, I’ve used 1&1 (ionos) and GoDaddy before to host Suite instances.

I implore you to consider carefully about removing or modifying core files, as that one file you do remove you’ll find that you’ve shot yourself in the foot ten steps down the line as that one file was coincidentally the backbone for a few other features :slight_smile:

Admin / Display Modules and Subpanels and Admin / Configure Module Menu Filters is your best bet as PGR has stated.

And to add/change the module menu filters it’s here (i.e what menu has what option)

There’s a few bits you can tweak in the custom directory to hide sections/information on certain screens as they load (happy to give some insight if needed)