Module Google does not exist

I just installed suitecrm 7.12.5 on a linux machine. Tried to get google calendar sync working and make it all the way to the calendar authorization page, but on the call back to my crm all i get is “Error: Module Google does not exist”

Is there something I missed during the installation?
Where is Google module located?

I don’t think you installed from the installation package, I think you pulled from Github. Am I correct?

I used the download link on the the download page from this site

Which site, and which download link, precisely? I’d like to check what is in that package.

:point_up: is this the exact error text? I can’t find it in the source code.

Where do you see that error? On screen, inside SuiteCRM? Or in the logs?

Anyway, you might want to check your logs to see if there’s more info there…

The error is in my browser and nothing else.
The error appears to be my fault as the return uri is incorrect. I have created a new google project and now I’m able to authenticate, but the calendar hasn’t synced yet. Hopefully waiting awhile will fix the issue as I don’t see a way to do a manual sync.

The calendar synced for the most part. There were many records that were not synced but it was mostly old data that I needed to clean up anyways.

After two weeks of lots of manual clean up, my migration from vtiger is complete and happy with the results, except for one minor issue that turned out to be my mistake.

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