Module Entry Point

I have created a small module but needing to create an entry point. Are module entry points created just like custom entry points or are they encapsulated with in the module folder?

Could someone point me in the direction of creating a module entry point?


What do you mean by module EntryPoint? all entry Points created can point to any file inside a module or outside. you can set the path of file the entrypoint is targeted to.

  $entry_point_registry['MyEntryPoint'] = array(
      'file' => 'custom/modules/<MyModule>/MyEntryPoint.php',
      'auth' => true,

The normal module views are entry-points, and you don’t need to define them separately.

I probably should have said I created a Package using the Module Builder.
My question really is do I create a file somewhere in my “package folder” that registers my package entry points or do I “ALWAYS” add a file in the custom/Extension/application/Ext/EntryPointRegistry folder for my package entry points?

I am presuming the later is the case.