Module creator recommendations for end users


Hi again.

The executive summary is a suggestion to use one copy of SuiteCRM to develop modules & another for production, as the module builder is not perfect.

I’m in the process of switching from vTiger to SuiteCRM & loving the way SuiteCRM works.

My thanks to the Sales Agility people for taking the frustration out of SugarCRM.

I made up a module to record my clients Assets (or Equipment) details.

I was taking it step by step & imported the data almost successfully & then went back to import after the corrections were made.

The module fell over & failed to redeploy after several changes & it looks like it was related to the imports.

Although the CRM told me there was no data after deleting it using the mass delete in the Web Browser, phpmyadmin then found 3 times the imported number of records still in the table.

Virtual machine snapshots are awesome :whistle:

Hi there,

When you delete a record in SuiteCRM/SugarCRM, the record is set to deleted = 1. This means if someone deletes something, their actions can be traced and/or the record can be recovered.

In terms of your module builder issues, are you getting errors in your sugarcrm.log?



Thanks Will. The error was more with me than SuiteCRM.

When importing, a list of errors is created by SuiteCRM & a TAB is available to check them.

If I had looked at the list of errors, it allowed me to download a new csv file containing only the failed records.

Which in turn, I could correct with Excel & then re-import without affecting the currently imported records.

That process can repeat until there are no errors remaining & all records are imported successfully.

Silly me, was continually fixing the original csv file & re-importing it over & over, thus creating multiple copies of each record.

Once I cleared out the excess records with phpmyadmin, I followed the correct method as above & all went exactly as the programmer designed it to.

I’m told that being able to actually read things might help me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: