Module Builder not deploying packages in 7.3

Hello Guys,

Today i have executed the upgrade from 7.2.3 to 7.3 and i noticed that the module builder is not deploying any module ( existing or new one).
It gets hung in “Deploying Package…”

I performed the upgrade without any issues and i executed the repair functionality right away the upgrade was finished.
Also the permissions are correctly set up in my environment.
FYI, suitecrm.log and sugarcrm.log do not show any error messages.

I would like to know if i’m the only one facing this issue or if it is a bug coming with the new version 7.3.


This was an inline editing related bug that existed in 7.3 but has been resolved in the 7.3.1 Bugfix Release.
You can find release notes at the Wiki page: 7.3.1 Release Notes
If Possible, You could upgrade to 7.3.1 and recreate your custom module, it should Deploy with no issues.

Regards, John

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Thanks! I see that with the upgrade now the issue is gone.