Modifyingmanifest.php generated by MBPackage.php

Hi to all,
i am trying to prepare a module with Module Builder.
Some logic cannot be prepared directly with MB interface so i added some js scripts and php hooks directly
in “custom/modulebuilder/builds” and “custom/modulebuilder/packkages” folder.
Once deployed everything works well.
As i can see MBPackage will scan all folders and files and generates manifest.php.

However sometimes i need to insert additional copy directive in manifest.php like for example put logic_hooks.php into custom folder in order to activate it.
Unfortunately MBPackage removes this copy directive and it generates all from scratch.

Is there any way to do that? Or am i using a wrong approach?
My goal should be a way to have a zip file with everything i need and ready to go(such as post script, pre etc) but keeping a way to export/publish and deploy all in Module Builder.
The only way i found to do that is to export the zip and then working on it, but of course this will break compatibility.

Thanks for your support

Not a full answer to your question (I don’t know) but this might help free you from ModuleBuilder:

Thank you, i will check.
Based on your answer i understand there’s no a built-in way to do.
So my guess is… how others do it? Does they export and then making changes?
What is your experience about it?

Many thanks


I don’t like use ModuleBuilder a build packages manually. :wink: It’s faster and more convenient for me.

Thanks all for the prompt answers.