Missing "Upgrade Wizard" in version 8.0.x?

Hi everyone,

I cannot find the “Upgrade Wizard” within version 8.0.x.

I reread the instructions here but cannot find the link to upgrade
“Upgrade Wizard in the Systems panel of the Administration Home page.”

I had it on my previous version 7.x
Does this feature is shown in your new version 8.0.x?

Thanks for sharing.

PS: I ended up upgrading manually by replacing the v8.0.1 files onto the v8.0.0 files .
Even though I solved this issue, I still wonder if the Upgrade Wizard is missing in your new installation.

Yes, currently there isn’t an upgrade Wizard for Suite 8 at the moment as it will involve different steps than the previous upgrading the legacy framework.

We have though documented it here but it does require terminal access (hope this helps):

Just wondered if you have any idea when the upgrade wizard will be reintroduced in v8? I’m holding on v7 for now, as have had nightmares previously upgrading other systems via console and the SuiteCRM upgrade system was perfect. Thanks