Missing Subpanel Records after upgrade to 7.8.13 LTS

I first noticed this problem when I converted a lead and the records didn’t show under the contact as I told it to. The setting was “Move” and I thought I had lost the records, so I changed the setting to “copy” so it wouldn’t happen again.

Testing has confirmed that the records are there but I just can’t see them. I discovered this by sending an email to the lead and all of the records come up, however when I search the lead or the contact, the records cannot be seen.

This is not a problem of the sub-panel being hidden as I can see all my sub-panels, they just have no records. The problem seems to be site wide.

Can someone please help me show the records?

Version 7.8.13
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

This problem persists after upgrade to 7.10, it also persists on a local Bitnami Stack running 7.9.9 and 7.10

Is anyone else having this problem?

Not being able to see a leads history or activities is really hopeless. Please help!