Missing sub panels

I have a new package I created, with several new modules. I created relationships and everything appeared correct.

For a week or more things looked fine. I had to repair after installing a 3rd party module.

Not sure why, but now the subpanels are missing. The relationships are still there. but the subpanels are missing.

As new to SuiteCRM, I don’t even know where to look. Since I created the package and modules, I don’t expect there to be any custom code.

Any suggestions?

Running Version 7.11.1
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
on Linux/Apache/MSSQL


May be subpanels are hidden from admin section?

go to admin->Display Modules and Subpanels

See if your modules are not falling under “Hidden Modules”

They are not listed in hidden. and they show up in displayed modules but not in displayed subpanels. Somehow the subpanels have been deleted? Where are subpanels data stored?

Can I recreate subpanels? The relationships still show

You don’t need to re-create them… rather than plan to find core issue and fix it.

subpanels are not coming there means some bad piece of code reached out there using that 3rd party module.

Try to uninstall that module then come to this page again.

I removed the package I added and am now working through the code to see why things were missing.

Thanx you