Missing Reports - Workflow etc modules

We did an upgrade from SuiteCRM 7.0 to current. We walked through 7.1 etc but we must have missed a step

Listed in Modules to appear is AOW_Workflow, AOR_Reports, AOS_Quotes but nothing shows in the normal menu systems.
Do we need to start all over or is there a ways to repair all this and have it show like normal?

did you run a quick repair after each upgrade path?

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Thanks for the comment.
Yes I did, but only Quick Repair

can you check if in the admin section those modules are listed? also check in the DB

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All the Prefixes are missing from the Module Menu Filter and Rename Modules.

It seems anything with an OLD Prefix AM_, AOS, AOR, AOK, etc
They are in the database with the Pre_Fix names and they are in Studio
They also show in Display Modules & Sub-panels, Roles etc

I seems this started life as SugarCRM and perhaps was a bad convert?
I am guessing that there may not be a repair and that would mean a total new rebuild with full import/export ?

I did start a new system with upgrade from 7.01 to 7.43 step by step with Repair/Rebuild at each step and same result.
Funny is that the system runs well just cannot get to any of the PreFix modules.
Thanks for your comments…