Missing relationship definition and missing subpanels

Hello Everybody,

Some of my subpanels are gone in Accounts module and in another developed module.

These subpanels comes from some relationships I created but, I have more subpanels similar that they are shown without problems

This happens since I moved my suitecrm from one host to another one

I am getting this kind of errors in my sugarcrm.log related with each one of the modules dissapeared:

“[30071][1][FATAL] Missing relationship definition obras_accounts_1. skipping obras_accounts_1 subpanel”

Also, I checked relationship table in Mysql and it contains the missing relationship

I did several “Quick repair” and “rebuild relationship” and it doesnt solved this problem. I deleted cache folder too and nothing happened

Does anybody know what could the problem be?


I forgot to say my version is suitecrm 7.4.3

Any idea about this?

can anybody help me with this issue?

I solved this problem

For some reason, I had duplicated relationships, some of them with capital leters

To solve this situation I followed next steps:

1-Delete the vardefs.ext.php file in custom/modules/ModuleName/Ext/Vardefs/

2- Modify the field "relationship " in custom/Extension/modules/relationships/vardefs/NameOfFailedRelationship.php writing it in capitalized or not the name of the relationship

3-Modify the field "relationship " in custom/Extension/modules/ModuleName/Ext/Vardefs/NameOfFailedRelationship.php writing it in capitalized or not the name of the relationship

4-Do a “Rebuild Relationships”

5-Do a Quick & Repair