Missing names of relationships in detail view

I have two custom modules with some relations m2m, in Module builder i was named all relations as user friendly. After install modules i see in detail view (down part) names of all relationships as ‘lost labels’ looks like that: “LBL_CUST_HOUSE_CUST_SALE_OPRT_FROM_CUST_SALE_OPRT_TITLE”.
Steps QR&R, delete and new install done.
Please help me to fix this. May be somebody help to find file wich may be edited to fix labels. Thanks.

Ok, i m do it my self :slight_smile:
In first step answer on questions what happened?
A: Module builder made error when installing module, name of relation don’t translate properly, and one label of relationship (“LBL_CUST_HOUSE-bla-bla”) is missing. Re install and Q R&R don’t help. Modulebuilder do it again and again :slight_smile:
If you see wrong or missing names of relation modules in detail view, you must edit language file in /custom/Extension/modules/YourModule/Ext/Language/****.php Add missing label or edit wrong names translation if you use no English language - local files too.
Next step Q R&R.
Thats all.