Missing Merge and Find Duplicates option.

Hi everyone,
I will not able to merge or find duplicate of two records when I log in from “User” but when I log in from Admin I can see the Merge and Find Duplicate options in drop down.
Is there any fields that should I enable from Admin side, so that I can make the option in drop down.
I am using SuiteCRM 7.7.8 version on windows.
please help!!!

For merge the user must be able to delete the record of that module you’re working on, that means that the role must have delete option

best regards

Thank you, :slight_smile: for your quick reply…
Its working…

But Mike,
I don’t want anybody can delete any record. And i want merge and find duplicate options also.
what should I do?

well, technically while merging records one of them must be deleted. I don’t know that can you do about it. Maybe hide the delete button with custom code?

best regards

Why don’t you try Duplicate Files Deleter? It’s easy to use.