Missing fields in studio editing modules from database table


I’m new to the SuiteCRM which I need to maintain from previous admin, and i have no clue how to add missing field in studio. As I see and believe fields are directly linked to table in SQL database.

Our programmer added new field to the table which is not displayed in fields view. If I add new field via studio it adds the field with wrong name for so no data is displayed from database.

Any suggestion on how to add the missing field would be great. I need to add field promet2017 in addition to promet2016, promet2015, promet2014.

See attached screenshot

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You don’t add fields in the database directly.

You either add them in Studio (recommended), or you add them in PHP files called “vardefs”, and then do a Quick Repair and Rebuild, scroll to the bottom, and you find a button to create the new fields in the database.