Missing email template editing menu

Hi All,
I’m quite new to SuiteCRM but I’ve worked for many years with Salesforce products. I am unable to access email template editing because I cannot find the right menu in SuiteCRM 7.1
May someone help me solving this “stupid” issue?

Hi Gianluca,

Simply click on ‘Emails’ in the menu and then hover over the ‘Emails’ menu item and you will see ‘View Email Templates’ where you can create an email template.



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Hi Will,

I believe that I actually have the same problem. For me, the only way that I can get to “Extra” module buttons like “PDF Templates” and “Import” options is to disable grouped menus. When they are grouped, all those buttons do is take you to the respective module’s List View page.

Or am I missing something obvious?

Nevermind; I had no idea that the full menu was displayed in the top-left hand corner. False alarm!