Missing Due Dates in 7.10.13 in Opportunity View

I thought I would open a thread here since I"m willing to try a hack to fix this perhaps before this bug gets fix.

I thankfully found that a bug is indeed opened on Github here as a reference.

This is ranked as low priority but I have to say that this is a high priority for my daily life since in sales I live and breathe in the Opportunity view. I look at an overview of all things related to this sales opportunity. When I click in I need to be able to especially see what the task is associated with the opportunity that needs to happen first. With the due date not showing up, I am forced to click into each and every task, go back, and repeat and then, when I’m done all that, sometimes I forget which one it was I was in since the only way to differentiate between tasks with the same title is by the due date! So, for me this is very high priority and if there is anything I can do to assist with this i’m more than happy, but, sadly, I"m not a developer, but not afraid to try :wink:

Screenshot also attached (same one I put in Github)

Thanks for any / all assistance

Is the Due Date coming up in detail view page? And is it also being saved in database?
If yes then not an issue. We can simply fix it together.

yep. due date is showing up just fine in detail and also functioning fine in other ways (ie. in workflow items) that use that field. So I can assume it’s fine in the database.

Let me know how to fix this if you know. I"m fine to paste code here and there. :slight_smile:

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

i just confirmed that the due date displays perfectly in ‘contact’ view in the activity area.

weird how it only doesn’t work in Opportunity module it seems.

apparently I can’t edit that post above (I tried).
I did further looking and here is my full story:

It shows fine in:

  • Accounts module

It is missing in:


If you can see the Sub-panel Definition from Opportunity module by the file


and see the definition of the of Activities sub-panel, then you can easily check the same definition from Accounts sub-panel definition. By comparing the both sub-panels, you can find a solution.