MIgration to new SuiteCRM

I had a running Suite CRM that some one upgraded and fixed a few things.

Since then, it worked kind of well, but glitches make it not very usable. The person tried to fix it, but never really succeeded.

There are nto a tremendous amount fo contacts, but enough to be useful.

I was thinking of installign a new version, and transferring the data over.

I saw a way to export: accounts, contacts, leads, calls, etc…

Can these be exported, and them imported in the new installation?

If possible, how could we relink the calls/ meetings up with the right accounts, contacts/leads?

Thanks for any ideas.

You can export from Old CRM installation into CSV files and then Re-import in your new installation, if you have any custom fields in your Old system, don’t forget to create them in NEW crm with same Name.

Since Calls/Meetings are related to Contacts/Accounts/Leads, then first import those records and then create/import calls/meetings records.