Migration from SuiteCRM 7.14.x to 8.4.1 finished, but does not look OK :(

I did migrate successfully from 7.14 to 8.4 using the CLI; however, I got wired behaviour

  1. The first thing is that the navbar is missing from the webpages as well as the footer.
  2. Nothing in the database is working; for instance, any lead or contact I try to press does nothing but change the line in my browser tab, but it does not go to any page!
  3. The original webpage with 7.14 is still running fine on the same database, so it is not a problem with the database.

What do you think the issue would be?

I did follow the migration guide step by step, including:
a- giving right permission before and after
b- migrate using the “Keep” method.

I attached a screenshot to show it. Sorry, I had to hide the account details for privacy.

Could you please help me migrate smoothly from 7.14 to 8.4?


Is it similar to below posts?

Yes, that works, but getting now:

Database failure. Please refer to suitecrm.log for details.

Awesome! What all changes you did?

What is error in the sugarcrm log file? You could share steps you followed and screenshots here.

I did follow the first link mentioned. I was still using public/legacy as server endpoint on Apache2 and not public/

Also, I did fix the other problem by modifying it under “public/legacy/data/SugerBean.php.”

and it does work now!

Amazing, and thanks.

Kudos! :partying_face:

Let us know what code changes you did in the public/legacy/data/SugerBean.php, so it will help us in the future.

I did change in “data/sugarbean.php” following this reply:

Now, I have a totally new issue. I couldn’t find any solutions yet. I had Form Wizard using the old version 7.14.1, and after migrating to 8.4.1, it does not work. I did try using something like “/public/index.php?entryPoint=WebToPersonCapture” but this seems not to be working at all. HTTP ERROR 404

Does anyone know what is going on now? I found something like changing line 146 in webtopersoncapture.php, but it is already there.

Guys, is there anyone to help here?

@OPS-Hesham Here is a discussion thread with users showing how they use these web forms and make them work in 8.4.

I am sorry but this doesn’t solve the problem here, I had working webform at 7.14 and once migrating to 8.4 it doesn’t not work. The question is not how to create one but rather how to fix what I have?

Would you create a campaign and web form on the online demo, and get it to reproduce this error?
EDIT: Can you update this issue with your post migration webform not working