Migrating to a 2nd company, keeping both data sets accessible.

I am closing one company and have all contacts, data, etc. in a functioning suiteCRM. I would like set a flag for the data somehow, i.e. as company1. I do not want to remove the data from the crm

Next I would like to add the second company data, from either new records or by duplicating company1 records, which I can see in the crm, but set the flag for these new this data, as company2

Finally I would like to keep both companies data sets in the same crm and be able to hide/filter/sort all lists, reports by company1, company2, or all

I am most likely asking my question the wrong way, but hopefully it will make sense to someone. I have not seen a solution posted, and perhaps there is another way of doing what I want.

Is this possible? If someone things so kindly point me where I might look. Thank you.